We engaged the services of Natalie from Bookkeeping On The Go several years back and must say it’s one of the best business decisions we made since our partnership was formed.


We are co-owners of the Carlisle TAB and previously stumbled around doing our own accounts and wages etc. Instead of what we do best which is to sell bets and advise our customers on bet types and the like. We struggled with matters pertaining to cash flows , wages and taxation and BAS issues.


Natalie came to us highly recommended and once we met instantly felt comfortable with the decision to engage her services.


Dealings with the taxation department (BAS , Staff Superannuation etc.) are now seamless and enacted on time. We had previously used an accountant but did not receive Bookkeeping advice and were left to our own devices.


We receive weekly updates on relative matters, but Natalie is always available for anything else we need and always takes our calls or gets back to us in a timely manner. Natalie’s fees are charged at a very reasonable level that we are comfortable with and , we feel, offer good value for money.


We now run our shop properly as a business instead of the haphazard way we did before..


I would gladly recommend Bookkeeping On The Go to anyone seeking this type of service.

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